Gloc-9 MKNM (Mga Kwento Ng Makata) - poetry and music fusion!

I am a true blooded rock music lover. I love rock, but not too hardcore. I love bands. I love the sound of guitars and drums together. Hiphop and rap is not my thing. But, there is one rapper who already got me hooked in his music since I first heard his song "Simpleng Tao". Yes, GLOC-9!
Rap is his game and he's so good at it. Now Gloc-9 is the leading premiere rapper of the Philippines! After 5 successful albums, he is still on track now with his newly released 6th album MKNM (Mga Kwento ng Makata) this time under Universal Records. Gloc-9 is proud of this new record and even said that it took him six months to work on it. He is ultimately satisfied with the album which includes collaborations with some of the greatest acts in the Philippine music scene like Chito Miranda, Bamboo, Ebe Dancel, Jay Durias, Billy Crawford, Cathy Go, etc. Gloc-9 is thankful to Universal Records and said that he is looking forward to do more projects with his new label. Universal Records, on the other hand, claimed that they are proud of Gloc-9 because aside from his own successful album, he is a part of the BIG success of two other album releases that's on the charts from Parokya ni Edgar and Noel Cabangon, which he collaborated with.

MKNM (Mga Kwento ng Makata) ALBUM REVIEW:
MKNM, coming from the title itself, has 15 tracks of story telling about people. People from all walks of life.

The intro track is Balak ni Syke a poetry, perfect to start a string of poems in rap. Track two is Apatnapungbara, with Ian Tayao of Queso talks about rap itself, the nature of rap and everything that goes with it. Silup is one of Gloc-9's favorite track off from this album. Featuring his own Protege Denise Barbacena, this is a social-awareness track from Gloc-9 that can be compared to Upuan, Walang Natira, etc. Silup as the title is pulis spelled backwards, a rap song who will introduce you to SPO2 Ruben, a police at service. This song goes out for all our brothers from PNP. Rapping out, Gloc-9 is literally spitting his words on this track in fast blows! I was amazed when I heard it.
4th song is Alalay ng Hari, a tribute song for  the late master rapper Francis M. The song is about Gloc-9 being a fan and Francis M being his king and mentor. Giving back to his idol who has influenced his music through the years, the main man who gave life to the hiphop scene here in the Philippines. Sirena is the carrier single of MKNM, with Ebe Dancel's vocals. The song is about a responsible gay man. He wrote the song in a first person perspective in a very careful way that he will not offend anyone. Gloc-9 said that he is thankful that Ebe joined him in this track. Sirena is a controversial song that everyone loved. It shows in the hit charts! (vote for Sirena music video at Here's the official music video:
(You can download the single Sirena here:
Track number 6: Hindi Mo Nadinig featuring Jay Durias is all about a tragic love story. An ill-fated, disastrous, dreadful story. It is a violent and brutal take on Gloc-9's lyrics, so straight-forward and fatal. You will hold your breath up while listening to this song up until the last words. This is my personal favorite though. It gives me creeps all over when I hear it playing. I don't even know if I have ever heard a song like this. Hindi Mo Nadinig is definitely a fearless song. Sino as the 7th track is an interlude. My other favorite is Salarin featuring Bamboo on #8! Bamboo's sound brought a different vibe on this song! Another eye-opener song by Gloc-9 about the massive poverty in our country. It will leave you on LSS with "bayad ko buhay ko, ba't ganon?" on repeat! On the other hand, Inday is a track that goes for all our dedicated "kasambahay" (maids and servants) at home. This talks about how they sacrificed to be enslaved just for their own families. This song features Cathy Go on vocals.
10th song is Bakit Hindi with Billy Crawford. Inspiring and catchy. It teaches for you to strive, don't give up and fight. Even if it's hard, everything is worth a try. Malakas is another dialogue interlude. Track 12 is Pison featuring Chito Miranda. No doubt that this track is a great one, we all know that everytime Gloc and Chito collaborate on a track, it is surely worthy for your ears! This song tells you chase your dreams and to shake off  all hindrances on your way. The beats of this track will surely pound you in a good way. Thankful with Maychelle Baay is the 13th song off the album. A groovy thank you song. The most relaxing track on steady  melody but full of gratitude on the lyrics. Bonus tracks: Hari ng Tondo featuring Denise Barbacena, is the movie theme song for Manila Kingpin (Asiong Salonga Story). And Kung Tama Sya featuring Jaq Dionisio is a song about a conversation between Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio.

*Not just your ordinary rapper:
Why? Because, he raps the truth, from the heart. He raps not just to express himself, but to also awaken the listeners for what is real. He write songs about those commonly unspoken topics which I never even thought possible. He raps to teach but he's not a teacher. He's using rap music as a weapon almost the same as Jose Rizal used his pen. A hero in the modern day, not fighting for freedom, because we are free, but using his own freedom of expression through music to open minds and hearts of people especially the youth.

Let me take this part to congratulate Gloc-9 for being strong in the local music scene for 15 years now. Adding to that he was recently hailed as one of our National Peace Ambassadors in the Philippines, well deserved indeed. Aristotle Pollisco in real life, is a Nursing graduate, father of twins and a loving husband. A real person who raps about real life for his real purpose!

Gloc-9 is OPM's hiphop and rap at its best so far! This album is not just music but a Filipino Literature.

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