Bwakaw: In theaters September 5!

The Cinemalaya Box Office Hit BWAKAW is set for commercial release this September 5, 2012 (Wednesday) on all leading cinemas!

Bwakaw is an indie film directed by Jun Robles Lana, co-produced by Cinemalaya, Tony Tuviera, and TV5 but will be distributed on mainstream by Star Cinema.

Before we go to the movie itself, let me just brag some on Bwakaw's achievement in the concluded Cinemalaya 2012 awards. They bagged the "Audience Choice", "NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award", and the "Best Actor" for Eddie Garcia. It also earned nods from globally renowned movie fests including the Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival. No doubt that the movie was rated ‘A’ by the Cinema Evalution Board (CEB). Truly, a film that has a lot to be proud of.

A taste of the movie:
Bwakaw (a local term for greedy) as the title, was the name of the pet dog in the story. Eddie Garcia plays Rene, an old gay, who is living all alone with his loyal stray dog. In his life in the present, with no close friends and family left around, he is too busy in arranging everything for his own death. He kept all of his belongings in boxes with labels, named to whom he will leave it on his last will and he even bought his own coffin. As he was too busy preparing for his death, taking Rene by surprise, his only companion Bwakaw was diagnosed with cancer. Rene was totally affected by it and soon to realize how he loves his pet. Rene, who had struggled in accepting himself as gay in his early life, grew an attraction for a kind tricycle driver (Rez Cortez). That's when Rene changed, he started to befriend Sol and became sort of happy. Apparently, when Sol discovered the truth that Rene was into liking him, he got disgusted and ran away in anger. And on the other hand, Bwakaw's condition got worse and doctors are already telling Rene that it is a hopeless case. Not even the supposed miraculous Santo Entierro was able to cure the dog, until it died. Bwakaw's death was never useless though, the loyal dog left a mark on Rene's life. A big difference indeed, Rene started to appreciate life and started to live it.

Here is the movie trailer:

The brilliant cast were too effective in portraying each roles, Eddie Garcia, Rez Cortez, Soliman Cruz, Bibeth Orteza, Joey Paras, Alan Paule, Beverly Salviejo, Soxie Topacio, Luz Valdez, Gardo Versoza, Ms. Armida Siguion-Reyna, Jonathan Neri, Ronaldo Bertubin, May-I Fabros and introducing Princess as Bwakaw.

The movie Bwakaw tackles one of our greatest fear... to grow old alone. It is an effective way to let us see the importance of life, our friends and our family.

Eddie Garcia's character is an expression of pain, longing, cowardice and weakness. Even how much Rene hides it, it shows. As you are watching the movie, Rene will make you hate him, and love him, then pity him, hate and love him all over again.

Princess, the dog, is truly to be applauded. She's too much of a darling! I totally love her! She never failed to embody a man's bestfriend.

Bwakaw will surely touch your heart in every way. It will take you down to a whirlwind of emotions.

This movie is totally worth watching to be on mainstream. Congratulations to direk Jun Lana!
So don't forget to catch it on September 5!

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