Parokya ni Edgar Inuman Sessions Vol2 launch: record breaking!

Parokya ni Edgar is not just a band, but a home grown icon for the OPM industry. Timelessly classic as I may say, their hit songs are known not just by ears, but by hearts. Who would disagree to that?! Needless to say, Parokya ni Edgar's newest release: Inuman Sessions Volume 2 from Universal Records is much anticipated.

Last Aug 24, they held an album launch at Eastwood City Central Plaza. Despite the rain, the traffic and all other sorts of hindrances, Parokya never fails to pull the crowd, filling up and going over the venue capacity of 1,500 people and more to that, breaking records of album sales! The album was sold up until they already lack receipts! Imagine that huh?! It was almost like a sold-out concert! There are still some who wasn't able to get a copy of the album and wasn't able to go inside the fences of the main venue.  The crowd is wild! With that being said, it is truly obvious, Parokya ni Edgar was missed!

The band then, wasn't expecting the warm anticipation and support to the album launch, gave the crowd an extraordinary Parokya music experience. Chito Miranda, the band's main man, said that they were told to play 6 songs, but insisted that the crowd don't deserve 6 songs.  "Pano ba yan hindi marunong sumunod sa usapan ang Parokya", said Chito,"Ngayong gabi, magko-concert tayo!" The mob goes wild, the whole album launch became a concert scene! Flooding with Tanduay, a little bit of smoking on the side and great music, Parokya ni Edgar showcased a night of fun and celebration!

The album launch was made special by the team behind the album! The special participation of great acts like Kamikazee, Miggy Chavez of Chicosci, Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona made the show extra fulfilling for the loving fans who stood still and sang along the Parokya hits! I literally had goosebumps just by watching the "pinakamalupit na banda", especially when they sang my ever favorite Your Song (My One And Only You).. I am moved.

Inuman Sessions Vol.2 was released in dvd and cd formats and was a sequel to the first Inuman Sessions vol.1 way back 8 years ago. The band’s hits are performed live in the album – Macho, The Ordertaker, Pangarap Lang Kita, Mang Jose, Papa Cologne, One Hit Combo, among others.

"Bagsakan" is the carrier single of the album with Gloc-9 and the late master rapper Francis M.
Here is a quick trip to the memory lane with Bagsakan's original music video:

Now, here is the Inuman Sessions vol.2 music video PNE's version with Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona, filling up Francis M's spot and continuing his dad's legacy..

Vote for Bagsakan's music video on MYX:
And download the song here:

Congratulations to Parokya ni Edgar and Universal Records for a very successful album launch!
Grab your copy of Inuman Sessions Vol.2 and watch out for their up coming shows and gigs..! Much love and support to PNE! :)

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See?! We don't need to save OPM!
OPM IS ALIVE, if you don't know it.. YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Thank you so much to Ms. Annie and Ms. Ayel of PinoyMagazine! You're the best! :)


  1. Just don't buy the album via

    9 songs werent live.

    one hit combo
    para sayu
    tatlong araw

    who has the same experience?

    1. I will check on that, Im not sure eh. but as I know, BAGSAKAN is available in MyMusicStore..

      Wala pa yata yung albums sa recordbars eh :)

    2. Sir Chito Miranda already tweeted MyMusicStore and UniversalRecords:

      @chitomirandajr: "@gabsangab calling @mymusicstoreph and @universalrecph madaming nagrereklamo na di daw from inuman sessions vol.2 yung ibang tracks! :("

      @mymusicstoreph: "@chitomirandajr @gabsangab @universalrecph Will forward this to our tech team for checking. sorry for the inconvenience."

      So I think you are not alone with that. But I think they are already working on it. So I am also suggesting, NOT to buy the album yet on MyMusicStore until this has a fix. Thanks! :)