Bryan Termulo The 2nd Encounter!

Bryan Termulo together with BWB Records, Pinoy Magazine and Lion HearTV held an exclusive blog-con at Moomba bar and restaurant last Aug 13 in accordance of Bryan's sophomore album Hanggang Ngayon.
A second encounter indeed. This time, I was able to get to know more of Bryan and was able to be mesmerized by his talent... again!

Bryan's sweet voice will surely win you over. His passion to his craft is obvious. And with the trust and support given to him by ABS-CBN, he'll surely surpass the heights. Bryan shared that he just recently recorded another tv series theme song and will be heard soon! That definitely added some factor for him to further own the title: "Prince of Teleserye Theme Songs". And he will also be in a Teleserye himself, he is a part of the upcoming drama series, Against All Odds. He is lined-up with a powerhouse cast including Sam Milby, KC Concepcion, John Estrada, Mylene Dizon, Jessy Mendiola, Joseph Marco, Mr. Tirso Cruz III, Ms. Coney Reyes and 'The Queen of Teleserye' herself... Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. It is surely a must-watch for all the drama series followers out there!
Bryan on the other-hand said that he would still choose singing over acting, but he is thankful for the projects given to him by his home network.

Last Aug 12, he launched his latest album "HANGGANG NGAYON" under BWB Records and distributed by Star Records in ASAP 2012. The album placed on the 7th spot in Astroplus/Astrovision's OPM Bestselling Album chart from June 25- July 1! His album is consist of an 6 originals and 2 remakes, full tagalog love/ heartbreak songs, everyone will surely love. Bryan said that tagalog songs adds massive impact to Pinoys when they hear it. "Kapag napakinggan nila ang mga Tagalog songs, ang dating ay doble. Kumbaga masakit na nga sa kanila, times two pa kapag nakakarinig sila ng tagalog songs.", Bryan explained. I agree to that, it will leave the listeners relating to the song and feeling it; realizing the message of the song even deeper. Plus, all tracks have minus ones if you want to sing along with it!
Hanggang Ngayon Tracklist:
1. Lagay ng Puso
2. Nasan Ka Na
3. Kung Maibabalik
4. Nagtatanong Lang Naman
5. Aanhin Pa
6. Hanggang Ngayon
bonus tracks:
7. Dadalhin
8. Pagdating ng Panahon

Adding up to his talent in singing, acting and dancing; this guy really has the talent on 'time management'. Balancing his time for his busy career, his studies (yes, he squeezed-in a time for studies) and his supporters! He sees to it that he finds time for everything needed. He focuses on giving his best at everything he do. Right now, he is doing a series of mall shows in promotion of his album and to reach out to his fans in different locations across, nationwide!

Catch him live these dates:

Sept 2                    SM Center Las PiƱas
Sept 8                    SM Fairview
Sept 9                    SM Sucat
Sept 15                  SM Olangapo
Sept 16                  SM Baliwag
Sept 22                  SM Naga
Sept 29                  SM Tarlac

Here is a quick taste of Bryan Termulo's live performance at the exclusive blog-con:
Bryan singing my favorite track from his album: Nagtatanong Lang Naman

Humble and kind are a few of the best words to describe him. Despite the fame roaming around, he manages to keep his feet on solid ground. I am truly happy with the support of his fans (Sweet Bryternatics) who appreciated my previous blog entry about Bryan's album (LINK). Much to respect, I know how it feels being a fan, because I am a fan myself, of certain people I believe in. And I know that giving love and support to a person is not that easy, but as long as you feel appreciated, nothing else matters. And Bryan never fails to appreciate his friends and supporter's efforts, in return he always gets in touch to them through networking sites like twitter and facebook. That is one thing that only a few celebrities and singers do. And I salute Bryan for that. Here is a quick treat for all Sweet Bryternatics out there:
I am thrilled that Bryan himself appreciated my previous blog and took the time to read it. And for that I am even more overwhelmed that on this second encounter, he recognized me and considered me as an old face, an old friend.

Bryan will have my support in every possible way I can. I am sure, his journey will reach the farthest. With his evident talent and his unconcealed good looks, Bryan will definitely capture your hearts. No doubt to that!

*This Bryan Termulo music feature is made possible by:
BWB RecordsPinoy Magazine, and LionHearTV

special thanks to: Moomba Bar and Restaurant,  BND Hair Gallery by Bing Nogara-Dio, Lifeline, Dickies, Cetaphil and Erase Placenta.


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    Yours, is one heck a strong-piece. Very detailed. All the things i want to know are clearly stated. You even added a bonus video..hehe..

    Thank you so much Mighty Mau for your wonderful write-up. Sweetbryternatics loves you too!

    1. Thank you for this awesome feedback. It's truly appreciated! :) dabest kayo sweetbryternatics!

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