Amorosa The Revenge (A Pinoy Psycho-Horror Movie)

From the makers of "Corazon Ang Unang Aswang" comes a new thrilling offering for all the Filipino movie-goers! Skylight Films brewed a new kind of horror story for the big screen. As Star Cinema's "maindie" (mainstream indie) film arm, Skylight had an experimental and innovative attack for a Pinoy Psycho-Horror concept. They promised that it's flavored for us to be puzzled, scared and moved at the same time.
So, this August 29, be ready to be frightened by AMOROSA The Revenge. A film directed by Topel Lee.

It features a family oriented story about choices people make and it's consequences. The movie has lined-up an awesome cast of new generation actors like Martin del Rosario, Enrique Gil, Ejay Falcon,Empress, and with the ever glamorous Ms. Angel Aquino to scare us!

Rosa (Angel Aquino) is a mom of Amiel (Martin) and Rommel (Enrique). Their family bond will grow apart and be tested by an accident. Rosa and her sons then decided to move in to an old pension house in hopes that a change of scenery will bring them some peace of mind and heal their parting relationship. However, Rosa is haunted by nightmares and hallucinations of a faceless ghost. Eventually discovering that the ghost was a victim of an unspeakable crime and the truth will change her life forever.

Watch the full trailer:
Nothing much was revealed about the story of Amorosa The Revenge, they aim to excite and surprise the movie-goers on the story's twists and turns. I am personally intrigued with it! I think the producer, director and the casts are trying too hard in holding back and are too careful to spill it. Hahaha! But one thing is for sure, this movie has quality and value as promised. The story itself was said to be it's big edge from other pinoy horror films.

Direk Topel Lee was happy of the location, an old house in Tanay, which added thrill in the movie. The house was said to be filled with fog and is perfect as a scaring element. Enrico Santos from Skylight Films said that the movie concept started around 2 years ago (still under a different working title), and way back then they had a list of different names for the lead role until Angel Aquino's name popped up. Sir Enrico said that Angel fitted the role because of her angelic face that's perfect for a role of a loving mom with an unpredictable hidden dark side. Angel said she was honored and thankful for the role. She shared that she gets scared easily and her imagination is so intense which adds up to fulfilling her role as Rosa. On the other hand, even without much of a romantic angle between Empress and Ejay on the movie, Sir Enrico revealed that when the project was offered to Ejay, the first thing he asked was if Empress was part of the cast. Fans will surely be raving to watch them showcasing their different side. On the other hand, Martin is fresh from the success of The Healing and Enrique is still promoting for The Reunion. The boys are both enjoying a huge exposure on the local movie industry.

Here are some of the casts inviting you to watch Amorosa The Revenge showing this August 29 in theaters near you!
Ms. Angel Aquino
Enrique Gil
Martin del Rosario (sorry I wasn't aware that it was blurred..haha)
Ejay Falcon

The whole cast admits that doing a horror film is a challenge, but they solely believe that Amorosa The Revenge is a very good movie that will surely entice horror and thriller fanatics. 

Again, Catch the movie this August 29!
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    1. I apologize, this is just a teaser/promotion blog and not a movie review...

      I initially planned to blog about the summary/story after watching Amorosa but, I decided not to. The story is more suitable for watching than reading because of all the twists and turns of the film. There are hidden secrets that the movie should reveal for itself. So I decided to keep it and give it to those who took time and watched it in the cinemas while it's on. I used to hate pinoy's horror but this movie is the first that I loved. You should watch it maybe on orig vcds and dvds. It is better late than never. STRICTLY, NO TO PIRACY!!!

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