BRYAN TERMULO: The Prince of Teleserye Theme Songs

The young brilliant balladeer Bryan Termulo is now known for dominating the local TV teleserye theme songs! Far from being just a fruit of a singing competition, he is now ready to take on and get the spotlight!

Oh yes, now you remember.. you are right! he is the voice behind the classic OPM hit "Dadalhin" (originally popularized by the Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid) which has been the official sound track of the smashing mainstream teleserye "Walang Hanggan" which aired primetime on ABS-CBN; featuring great acts like Coco Martin, Julia Montes and Paulo Avelino. And with that being said, no doubt, the teleserye soundtrack became a platinum hit in no time! Bryan was grateful in admitting that remaking the song "Dadalhin" literally brought him to where he was now. 

Bryan went out of the shell when he released his debut album Begin under BWB Records and Music Production Inc., and from there, his songs Bihag and Paano Nangyari were played in the TV series 100 Days to Heaven. He competed for World Championships of Performing Arts and won two silver medals in rock and original works and one bronze in R&B. He was nominated for "New Male Recording Artist of the Year" by the PMPC Star Awards for Music, and last 2011, he won the Awit Awards' Best Album Packaging. *here is a quick preview of his award winning album:
As of now, Bryan Termulo is a regular mainstay of ASAP 2012 alongside with Alex Castro, JM De Guzman and Markki Stroem as a group called Boys R Boys. Venturing to acting as well, he had appeared in some TV shows like Wansapanatym and Budoy. Displaying great potential, he is also now a part of the upcoming drama series "Against All Odds" featuring no other than the "Queen of Teleserye" Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo to be aired on ABS-CBN soon!

He is really now on track! The journey to fame wasn't that easy of a trip..Bryan himself has been through the bumps and blows along the way, but there is no way to stop him now to prove that he is the next big thing. He recently released his sophomore album entitled "Hanggang Ngayon" still under BWB Records and exclusively distributed by Star records.

HANGGANG NGAYON:  The Album Review

An impressing 8-track album of full tagalog songs and each comes with minus-ones! No doubt that we will be hearing more of Bryan Termulo across all radio stations and TV programs!

As I open his album, I am thrilled to see the post card photos with lyrics inside! Then I said to myself, I was never disappointed in his new album packaging. You know, for me, it really matters how they (record labels) package an album, because it is where you will see how they really value the money of every buyers of ORIGINAL music. The total album package is what you will never get in piracy and for that I salute BWB Records in creating another great material to contribute for OPM.
      *here is a quick look on his new album's packaging:
The song selection is really good, all of them are melancholic, heart-braking, sad songs. Seems like the tracks are inter-connected in some sort; all written in tagalog for the mass crowd to easily relate to. They really got a group of talented composers, hats off for all the songs given life by Bryan in this album. We are missing good tagalog ballads nowadays, so it is really a great time to shout out for this kind of music.


 Kicking off the album is Lagay ng Puso, a song about hiding the pain in trying to let go of someone you love.  The track also shows off Bryan's vocal ability. It is already enjoying regular airplay on local radio stations as of now, no doubt this will be a hit in no time! 
         *watch Bryan Termulo performing Lagay ng Puso live: 

Next is Nasan Ka Na an easy listening ballad about longing for your loved one and wishing to be with him/her again. This is a perfect song for long distance relationships, heartfelt and melancholic. 3rd on the list is Kung Maibabalik, this song gave a different flavor to the album. It offers a unique alternative feel that shows off another side of Bryan. A song which talks about how hard it is to move on, in the state of wishful thinking to turn back time. Hearing the guitar and the drums, this track shelled out an up beat vibe on the album. The 4th track Nagtatanong Lang is my personal favorite. With it's straight forward attack lyrically and  musically, it will surely make you feel how hard it is to love someone who only treats you like a friend. I fell in  love with it since the very first time I heard it live. It's like the song aimed straight to my heart and from then on, I'm hooked. The emotions that the song conveyed is real, beyond reasoning. Kudos to the composer Mr. Kiko Salazar!
           *watch Bryan Termulo performing Nagtatanong Lang live (credits to Pinoy Magazine)

Aanhin Pa is the 5th track, boasts a good melody. For me, this track is the best in musicality for the whole record. Although it is still a sad song, somehow the intro music itself makes you feel serenity. Bryan's "swabe" voice also adds up to the song's vibe. Hanggang Nayon, the 6th song off the album, stands as the album title as well. Beware as you listen to this song because it will definitely give you a severe LSS! I would say that this is the most radio-friendly track off the album, no doubt it was nominated at Tambayan OPM Music Awards 2012. His official music video for Hanggang Ngayon is now being played at MYX music channel. (you can vote for the video here: Hanggang Ngayon is of course another perfect teleserye theme! Dadalhin and Pagdating ng Panahon (popularized by Aiza Seguerra) are the two bonus tracks of the album. Both are well known classic OPM songs, but Bryan has a pure rendition to offer. He gave justice in reviving two massive hits in this album! The arrangements of both songs are great and Bryan's voice fits them just right.

I say grab a copy of his new record and listen to it especially on rainy nights if you feel like being "emo", and it will never fail you, you might even end up crying...believe me... hahaha. But seriously, check out Bryan Termulo's Hanggang Ngayon album for only 250php, available on all leading record bars nationwide from BWB Records and Star Records.

You know what? OPM IS GREAT! DON'T MISS OUT! :)

Catch Bryan live on these dates:
July 21                   SM Baquio
July 22                   SM Center Muntinlupa
July 28                   SM San Pablo
August 4                SM Lucena
August 11               SM Pampanga
August 25               SM Rosario
August 25               SM Novaliches
August 26               SM Bacoor
Sept 2                    SM Center Las PiƱas
Sept 8                    SM Fairview
Sept 9                    SM Sucat
Sept 15                  SM Olangapo
Sept 16                  SM Baliwag
Sept 22                  SM Naga
Sept 29                  SM Tarlac

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Bryan Termulo: The Encounter

I believe in a talent once I see it, hear it and feel it. No doubt, Bryan made me believe. He made me believe in him as a performer and as a person. With his charming "good-boy" looks, he got all them girls screaming out for him whenever he goes on stage and even more to that his talent is truly an A+! He embodied a true rooted Filipino balladeer with his tagalog heartfelt songs! This album is really a great contribution to hone OPM more. I agree when he said: "hindi kailangan ng birit". A singer's worth is not measured on the highest note he/she can belt out. Sometimes, what matters most is the passion behind performing. I am for certain that Bryan Termulo will go far... and higher... I am excited to see more of him with his up coming projects.

Despite all the achievements, attentions, and mainstream popularity he is getting  now, he remains grounded and humble. I strongly believe that this lad was raised by a good family, he is respectful and polite. I saw how he treats his fans as friends, giving them credits for staying with him and supporting him all the way. And for that he earned my respect.

For what it's worth there's one thing I learned from Bryan, his formula for his success: prayers + inspiration + supporters + talent = you will be where you want to be (not his exact words but it serves it's purpose). I salute him, and I will keep what I learned by heart.

*This Bryan Termulo music feature is made possible by:

BWB Records and Music Production Inc  - Congratulations BWB for this great album offering!

Pinoy Magazine - check out Pinoy Magazine's 4-page feature about BRYAN TERMULO on their July-August issue featuring Rachelle Ann Go on the front cover, out now! Thank you Pinoy Magazine for supporting OPM!

Orange Magazine TV - know more about Bryan Termulo as he graces Orange Magazine TV's July Cover for their 2nd Year Anniversary issue! Congratulations Orange Magazine TV and Sir Jeman! More years to come!
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  2. Woah!! This article gave me goosebumps.
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    He's indeed a great inspiration to us.
    A man who always speaks from his heart.
    A simple man with great talents.

    We love all the songs included in his first and second album.
    Great! :)
    We love you, Bry! :)
    #SweetBryternatics will always stay with you. :)

    1. Thanks to bryan for sharing his talent!

      And thank you for taking the time to read.. :) sweet talaga ang bryternatics!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring Mr. Bryan Bryll Cruz Termulo on your blog. I can't remember if we, Sweet Bryternatics, have met you on the event. Anyway, I hope you continue to write good stories about him, especially this one. It's nice and cute. Thank you so much!
    He really is an inspiration for us, his fans, whom he consider as friends.
    And because of that, we are continuing to support him all the way.
    No boundaries nor limitations.
    For as long as we are here, it will be never-ending!
    Again, thank you for this blog, and good articles about him!
    #SweetBryternatics 4ever loves Bryan :)

  4. I kinda don't think we met..sayang! I was just observing around the event. And I got particular on the interview and performance portion.. Thank you.. and Bryan will always have my support too! :)

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