My "5 minute" encounter with LIFEHOUSE!

The band behind the hits You and Me, Hanging by a Moment, Broken, Everything, etc. Yes, you got it right! Lifehouse! Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr., Bryce Soderberg, Ben Carey and Jason Wade was here in the Philippines  last May 26, 2012 for a concert held at Araneta Coliseum.

Okay to make it clear, I didn't had the chance to watch their concert, for the sole reason that I need to go to work that night. After feeling like a loser and being so sad that I can't go to the concert, I can say that May 26 is not a bad day at all!

I was one of the lucky few who got the chance to have a glimpse of Lifehouse last May 26 at Ali Mall, Cubao for a quick Meet and Greet before their show! Now this is a quick look back on the best 5minutes I spent this May (Yes, i know "5 minutes" is not accurate but almost kinda near the target), just to see Mr. Jason Wade, the band's vocalist.

M&G as said was supposed to be around 4pm but the boys came in to the Mall an hour earlier! It was just a quick hello and goodbye thing, they invited everyone to get some tickets for the concert. They talked one by one and after that they left.

That was an unforgettable moment! My JASON WADE encounter was priceless! ♥


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