Movie review: #MyCactusHeart

Perfect for the pre-valentine jitters, Star Cinema offered #MyCactusHeart for the local movie goers last January 25,2012. Top-billed by Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli who happened to be real-life lovers. The film was directed by Enrico Santos.

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Sandy (Maja Salvador) is a simple girl who believed in fairytales and soulmates. Unfortunately, she eventually grew up with a broken family; thus leading her to think that true love doesn't really exist.

Sandy,being afraid to be hurt, turned out to be the heartbreaker. She prevents herself in being attached,so she ended up hurting everyone who expresses affection to her. She was well-known for having a "cactus heart".

But it's not too long until fate made its way for Sandy to meet Carlo (Matteo Guidicelli). He romantically believed that Sandy was his soul mate from first sight.

Sandy became reluctant in letting Carlo in her life so she tried to push him away by trying to lead their story in a love triangle with Bene (Xian Lim).

Carlo,being optimistic, didn't give up. He showed her how he was really persistent in what he truly feel towards her.On the other hand Sandy tries harder to refrain from feeling the same way. She ended up hurting herself more by pushing love away.

As the story continued, the cactus heart eventually melted its thorns and Sandy finally took a leap of faith in confessing true love for her "THE ONE".

My points and views:

As a director, Enrico Santos did great in incorporating fresh elements in the film, like animation, videoke, video chats, and even twitter. Those elements jived with today's generation, which made the movie more catchy.The film has a simple story-line but it will get you hooked with light scenes that oozes with "KILIG" factor.

The great cast includes:
Maja Salvador
Matteo Guidicelli
Xian Lim
Ramon Christopher
Rosanna Roces
Ricky Davao
Joy Viado
Pinky Amador
Bettina Carlos
Gee Canlas
Lemuel Pelayo
NiƱa Dolino
JM De Guzman
and a lot more!

•The lead characters Maja and Matteo has the chemistry even without effort. Maja is such a darling, no doubt she fits her role perfectly. Matteo, on the other hand, was funny and cute at the same time on the entire movie run! :) It's surprising that I personally see him now as a "leading man material", not just an actor in supporting roles.

The casts all contributed to the comic touch of the movie. The flick is family-oriented and "pang-masa". They all did great in adding spices for this newest rom-com offering.

#MyCactusHeart is a good food for your heart! It will make you laugh, cry and fall in love. Catch it on cinemas near you while it's on!

But on a personal grip, I would like to commend Ms. Gee Canlas for being a major "PLUS" on the comedy vibe of this movie. I personally noticed her wit and humor as reminding me of Toni Gonzaga. I really hope that Gee Canlas can be seen in more movies in the future (especially the rom-coms). Watching #MyCactusHeart made me search for her on twitter, I found @GeeCanlas and followed her.

And for the sake of being so honest, I tweeted her! Haha! Seriously! I swear! She even tweeted me back!

Oh, see..
Alright, to wrap it up, "MABUHAY ANG PELIKULANG PILIPINO!"

Thanks to @kokoroch for the movie treat.. you're the BEST. Nuff said :)


  1. I watched this movie too! and honestly, I cried so many times! :)