MUSIC spotlight: SOMEDAYDREAM (The Album Review)

He literally skyrocketed to fame, he got his fresh musical style and A LOT of girls screaming for him every time he sings K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Yes, you've guessed it right. I'm talking about this "Electro-Pop" one-man band named Somedaydream! He is now on my music spotlight for a special feature about his latest record, self-titled "SOMEDAYDREAM" under MCA Music and Mecca Music.

Alright, I will start by giving quick bits about Somedaydream a.k.a. Rez Toledo...
He was awarded by Yahoo! Philippines as Breakthrough Artist and Icon of the Year, they are BIG titles indeed. His smashing hit "Hey Daydreamer" got the #1 spot of Pinoy MYX Countdown and MYX Hit Charts year-ender edition; and it was RX 93.1's "SONG OF THE YEAR" and he became the radio station's "OPM Artist of the Year". (Wow, I was really thrilled by just typing all of his achievements in fast track!) More to it, Hey Daydreamer is currently the new TV commercial jingle of Selecta's Cornetto Disc which made the LSS more viral to many. Everyone can't help but to sing along with Hey Daydreamer when it plays!

His musical backgrounds rooted to being a band member, during schooldays.. I was even surprised when he said he started as a bassist. Now, Somedaydream's music is leveled to some foreign artists like Owl City, etc. which, on my opinion, is a compliment. For more information about Somedaydream, you can grab a copy of Pinoy Magazine's Semi-collector's edition featuring Rez.

His supporters are hardcore, as I may say, so as a treat to all of the "Dreamers" out there...
here is a TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW of Somedaydream's album...

The album has 7 tracks, all originals (WOW...again!)
The PRELUDE (of Hey Daydreamer) is a good jump start! A track that reminded me of tunes of some classic Nintendo video games before..haha! A fun track indeed, this intro track is perfect to excite you to the carrier single HEY DAYDREAMER, the 2nd track. So, what can I say about Hey Daydreamer? It is viral, I'm just stating a fact. It is fresh and unique to the ears of the youth nowadays. The "Electro-Pop" genre is evident to the song. The lyrics is carefree and easy to sing along with. So come on! Sing it with me.. "You and me.. sitting on a tree.. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!".

Here is Hey Daydreamer's official video:

Okay, enough of me singing, moving on.. DO-DO WITH YOU is up next. I find this 3rd track wholesomely sexy, with lyrics like: "I know it's crazy but your lips just hypnotized me baby, its only been a week since I left you and already I'm dreaming about do-do-do with you". :) The melody kept it wholesome and upbeat. Next song is DELIVERY BOYS that surprisingly has "tag-lish" lyrics. This song expresses positivity and nationalism. It is effective in giving its sensible message through music. Kudos to Somedaydream for this song! BREAK, on the other hand, is a sad break-up song. For me, this song is straight-forwardly written. The song is honest, so honest that you can easily relate to it and feel the hurt. The 6th track SING THIS SONG is my personal favorite! The song captured me. I love it! I am amazed that it is a slow, solemn song, but the Electro feeling is still there. I sincerely closed my eyes the first time I heard this song, and I instantly felt how enticing it is. HEY DAYDREAMER (ACOUSTIC) is the finale song. This is a good track. For lack of better term, it is 'RAW' in a great way. I know that Rez is in the "Electro-Pop" genre, but it is still satisfying for the ear to hear him without the auto-tunes, in my opinion...haha. It's cute how I incorporated this acoustic track to a "Jason Mraz" type. :)

Karylle and Christian Bautista in "Love and Laughter"

With the success of The Kitchen Musical & Westside Story, it is evident that Karylle and Christian Bautista's team-up is a success both in acting and singing! It is not surprising that they both gained followers widely, not just here in the Philippines but even across Asia. Their chemistry is visible adding to the fact that they seemed to enjoy working together. Their music is a perfect combination, no doubt that both of them are great performers by their own rights. And now, get ready as they are "cooking up" a great treat for all of us this love month!

As a post-valentine offering RWM Concert Series presents Love & Laughter featuring our Asian prides: Christian Bautista & Karylle. As directed by Freddie Santos, the concert will be on Feb. 29 at New Port Performing Arts Theater. In special participation of Nanette Inventor, Primo and Opera Belles.
Tickets: price range starts from 1,500 Php (upper balcony) to 4,000 Php (VIP). For more information please call Resorts World Manila: (632) 836-6333 or Ticket World: (632) 891-9999 and you can also visit:

Just to give you guys an appetizer:

Karyle - Basically

Christian Bautista - Beautiful To Me

Movie review: #MyCactusHeart

Perfect for the pre-valentine jitters, Star Cinema offered #MyCactusHeart for the local movie goers last January 25,2012. Top-billed by Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli who happened to be real-life lovers. The film was directed by Enrico Santos.

See full trailer:

Sandy (Maja Salvador) is a simple girl who believed in fairytales and soulmates. Unfortunately, she eventually grew up with a broken family; thus leading her to think that true love doesn't really exist.

Sandy,being afraid to be hurt, turned out to be the heartbreaker. She prevents herself in being attached,so she ended up hurting everyone who expresses affection to her. She was well-known for having a "cactus heart".

But it's not too long until fate made its way for Sandy to meet Carlo (Matteo Guidicelli). He romantically believed that Sandy was his soul mate from first sight.

Sandy became reluctant in letting Carlo in her life so she tried to push him away by trying to lead their story in a love triangle with Bene (Xian Lim).

Carlo,being optimistic, didn't give up. He showed her how he was really persistent in what he truly feel towards her.On the other hand Sandy tries harder to refrain from feeling the same way. She ended up hurting herself more by pushing love away.

As the story continued, the cactus heart eventually melted its thorns and Sandy finally took a leap of faith in confessing true love for her "THE ONE".