Italian craving: Ristorante BIGOLI

Pasta? Pizza? Gelato? Let Ristorante BIGOLI satisfy your craving for ITALY.

I am honestly not a fan of Italian restaurants, but in addition to what I usually see in Eastwood City, Libis, Q.C. - here comes Ristorante Bigoli, which was introduced to me by a friend having one of the greatest Italian cuisine in the metro. So I figured that it is worth a shot to try it. 

Let's talk about the place,

Here's a view from the top, for a mansion like vibe.

The place has a classy ambiance. And there is a photo booth for everyone!

The staff and crew, on the other hand, are most welcoming, and as I glanced at their menu, I really cant figure what to order! I saw weird food names which are new to me, though of course there are some classic Italian homies. It's really hard to decide what to eat, but for my hungry tummy I decided to order a full meal.

•Minestrone soup
•Spaghetti Bolognese
•Italian chicken

Oooops! Did I mention that they also got "refillable bread sticks" and "refillable drinks"?

I must say that eating this assembled meal completed my day! Brushing aside the fact that I didn't eat the whole day before indulging to this serving, I really enjoyed dining at Bigoli. The fact that they have this endless supply of garlic bread sticks is pretty cool. And that I have my own choice of drink, even one after the other, is awesome! The soup is good. The Spaghetti is the same, nothing fancy, but Italian, as confirmed. The Chicken is a winner! And the Stromboli is a must try.

As a trivia, Minestrone soup is a type of Italian soup made with vegetables, often with  pasta or rice. Common ingredients are beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes.

Stromboli is a pizza roll, filled with cheese inside and added Italian meat like pepperoni, bacon, beef, etc.

I really didn't know what I ate but thanks to the internet for the information. Now I know! I'm glad I've tried them!

And for the verdict, Ristorante Bigoli is one family-oriented and peer-bonding dining location for everyone!

Visit them!
•Eastwood Citywalk 1
•TriNoma Level 4 (beside the cinema)
•SM North Edsa Annex 2F

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  1. Your post is nice! Simula pa lang, pinagutom muna kami sa first picture of your post and lastly was the food. In time, I can visit Ristorante Bigoli. Soon! :)

  2. we will schedule dining there too :) thanks for the info, the food looks delicious

  3. I used to like Italian food but now i'm into Thai. i just don't like that they are booth so bloody expensive.

    and you're right, Italian food is nothing like Pizza Hut - nothing fancy - just a pure goodness of basic ingredients: tomato, mozarella, pasta, or pizza dough.

  4. Hmmm... parang Fazoli's din - may refillable drinks and bread sticks. I would like to eat there, pero yung sa SM City siguro ang pupuntahan ko.

  5. Ganda ng place pati yung food tempting na tempting! <3

  6. Me and my friends was there last year ,nung magbakasyon ako .and true non stop ang ang bigay nila ng garlic bread,dami nga naming nakain kesa dun sa inorder namin .masarap ang food at tahimik lalo na sa taas.recommended for family.ganda nung mga painting sa wall.

  7. pahabol pala .nagcomment nga pala ako in behalf of my friend dun sa binigay nilang comment card .excellent halos ang check ko lalo na service .kasi ang babait ng staff at walang sawa sa pag aabot ng garlic bread..

  8. bookmarked! next on my list of restos to visit :)

  9. looks delish! I want to try them too. I hope they open a branch in Rob Galleria :D

  10. this review made me crave for their food, unfortunately the locations are too far from my place here in Manila. You didn't mention the price, is it affordable?

  11. I like their pesto spaghetti!! Prices are so reasonable too!