IN TIME: Live Forever or Die Trying.

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starring Justin Timeberlake and Amanda Seyfried 
directed by Andrew Niccol
distributed by 20th Century Fox

Ever since I saw the trailer of this movie. I don't know but I fell in love with it's concept. 

What if we live in a world where we need TIME to LIVE or DIE?

MOVIE Synopsis:

A futuristic tale of a world where everybody stops aging at 25, but will be only left with 1 more year running on a clock. Aging has been switched-off. Immortality is just within reach. But to avoid over population, the clock as your lifetime also becomes the currency. A bio-luminescent clock on each person's arm as replacement to money and wealth was used to buy necessities and as payments. Like money, there are lending firms, banks, pawnshops, jobs that trades time for services or services for time. The time left on your arm dictates if you will live the smooth and easy or the fast life. The rich can be literally immortal, while the poor needs to beg, borrow, steal or fight for time to even live for a day.

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Will Salas (Timberlake) is a poor guy from the ghetto who works hard on everyday and is on the run for time. He receives a gift from a rich man of 100 years transferred on his clock and he was told that there was enough time for everyone but was hoarded by the rich. So when his mom died due to lack of time, his wrath pushed for revenge. Will's principle stood up that no one should be immortal if others have to die. On his struggle to change the system, he will, by chance, drag a rich lady named Sylvia Weis (Seyfried) into his chase for equality. The two both, with the help of each other, understood how they can do their part in giving hope to fight the biased system, while finding the value of time. Will and Sylvia unravels how life can be a fair game.

The PROs:
•I love the characters, Timberlake and Seyfried are two of my favorites. But do you know who I love the most? The Mobsters leader, ALEX PETTYFER! Even he is one of the bad guys, I still love him. HAHA! and he nailed being bad! He's good at it! (Yes, this is a biased statement because I love him.)
•I learned to value TIME. Literally, after the movie, I walked with speed. I dunno, but I feel the urgency to go faster. That showed how I digested the movie. This movie has a lot to say. 
•The concept ROCKED! The last time I was astonished on a film concept was Di Caprio's INCEPTION. And this film, though not that complicated, captivated me, because it is a concept that will let you think of "WHAT IF's" in life. Some people fear death and this film gave an idea of how the world can be if immortality, almost, is really existing. How cool can it get if your grandmother, mother and yourself looks almost the same physically because aging has never been a problem.

The CONs:
•The movie should have been entitled: THE MARATHON... hahahaha! Too many scenes where the lead characters are always running. I understand that it was done to show how they were running for their lives but, watching them run makes me feel exhausted. 
•I don't know if it's a PRO, but I decided to put it as CON. I was freaking out the whole movie every time someone's gonna die... It was the sound effects... I can't explain but, yeah, It's freaky.

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To conclude, this movie is GREAT. Watch it... and learn by heart that TIME IS GOLD.


  1. Wow nice odd concept of making time as a commodity. Nevertheless, the message is simply all about making time a worth than wasting it :)

    Nice review :)

    Adobo Photoshop

  2. well looking forward to see this movie too :)

  3. Very intriguing. Amanda looked so pretty on the poster!

  4. For me, exciting tong movie na to. Akalain mo, kailangan mong bumili ng oras or pagtrabahuhan ito para mabuhay pa! :)

    I made the same post; here oh!

  5. I love Justin Timberlake and the movie too.He was at Ellen Degeneres show last week promoting the movie,he is soooo cute.

  6. great movie review here. i haven't seen s movie for quite sometime now. visiting via FBAW, left my link at the group's FB page.

  7. JT is everywhere this year! I think it's a good and a bad thing for him. bad teacher was a bad idea, friends with benefits was so-so. I hope when I see this would be better. I likes him best in the facebook movie.

  8. I am not a fan of this type of movies. About the main characters? I don't think they will click.


  9. we are the same ...we are fond and love movies.. you did great movie review here :)