Asiansation Invasion: Christian Bautista OUTBOUND

This song will definitely melt your heart as you hear it, plus will make you fall in love with the singer. 

THE WAY YOU LOOKED AT ME was a ballad love song from our Asiansation, Christian Bautista. He was famed not only here in the Philippines but also across other Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand through this breakthrough song. He captured the heart of millions of Asian fans (mostly girls) because of his undeniable charm and incomparable singing style. He starred in the movie "A Special Symphony" which was his first international movie. Now, proving he is more than a balladeer, he has been a part of The Kitchen Musical. A musical TV series shown in almost 19 countries in Asia and Europe. He plays as Daniel Ray, a sous chef of the Avilon restaurant. See this clip for Christian's "FAITH" performance in TKM.

Christian has been freshly awarded: "Exemplary ASEAN Youth in the field of Entertainment and the Arts" by the National Youth Commission. This recognition only pointed out how he is very successful in his chosen field. 

As a true OPM pride, Christian is now attempting to reach a wider scope of Asia with his newest international album entitled OUTBOUND under Universal Records. He has a new sound on this album, never heard from him before, which is a result of his collaborations in song writing, arrangement and vocals with different talented Asians like Tat Tong, One Way and Baby M.

Track by track:

ALL THAT'S LEFT is an upbeat and catchy song, which has an unexpected, heartfelt lyrics. A great combination for the first track from Outbound. For me, this song is working out as a featured single of the album. He released a music video for the song just recently, featuring the CosPlay Queen ALODIA GOSIENGFIAO.

UNPHOTOGRAPHABLE is a weird title for the 2nd track, but as long as you listen to it, this song will definitely get you. It is that one song that will let you realize what a "perfect moment" is. Next track is FAITH which is a George Michael original. Yes, this is his TKM song on the video above, but on the album Outbound, you will fall in love with the song's different flavor. It's brilliant arrangement from the great Tat Tong gave the song a twist. A good twist, which will actually let you hit the replay button. I'M ALREADY KING is one of the tracks that this album can boast. A great, inspiring song which has been my personal favorite off from the album. On the other hand, WHAT CAN I DO, is an impressing song with lyrics by Christian Bautista himself about pure confession of unconditional love. It used light words but it has a very deep meaning, I now wonder on where did he get the song's words... it's awesome! NEVER FAR AWAY has a good music, but it is also a sad song, but written in a positive way. Christian sang it beautifully. The 7th track is WRONG NUMBER which is a collab with K-POP group One Way. A new vibe of RnB was given to the album. This is a good track. You will have a hard time tracing Christian's ballads here, but it turned out good. SAKURA is the last track, a duet with Japan's Baby M. This song is amazing! Baby M has a great angelic voice. The duet showcased heir vocal capabilities as singers. This is a love song that will move you.

The Wrap Up:

Grab a copy of Christian Bautista's album and be more proud of what this guy accomplished in the music industry. Far from being the "pa-cute" balladeer, this man is still cute, but more of, oozing with great talent. From his humble beginnings to slowly conquering Asia, and probably the world in the future, Christian is, no doubt, a Filipino pride. The album is worth it. The packaging of Outbound, by the way, is exceptional. An album that showcases originals more of covers. Help us revive OPM and stop piracy. "Mabuhay ang mga musikerong Pilipino."

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Free Christian Bautista "ALL THAT'S LEFT" ring back tone for Globe, text UD344 and send to 2332. For Smart, text FALT and send to 2728. Text GETSONG(space)6159103 to 2728 for Sun users (P15/15days)

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  1. proud of our countrymen making big overseas...represent! :D

  2. got to get a copy of christian's outbound album! thanks for the review!

  3. This is another milestone for Christian's already colorful career in Asia.

    I hope soon other countries and even continents notice he's impressive singing style.