Asiansation Invasion: Christian Bautista OUTBOUND

This song will definitely melt your heart as you hear it, plus will make you fall in love with the singer. 

THE WAY YOU LOOKED AT ME was a ballad love song from our Asiansation, Christian Bautista. He was famed not only here in the Philippines but also across other Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand through this breakthrough song. He captured the heart of millions of Asian fans (mostly girls) because of his undeniable charm and incomparable singing style. He starred in the movie "A Special Symphony" which was his first international movie. Now, proving he is more than a balladeer, he has been a part of The Kitchen Musical. A musical TV series shown in almost 19 countries in Asia and Europe. He plays as Daniel Ray, a sous chef of the Avilon restaurant. See this clip for Christian's "FAITH" performance in TKM.

Christian has been freshly awarded: "Exemplary ASEAN Youth in the field of Entertainment and the Arts" by the National Youth Commission. This recognition only pointed out how he is very successful in his chosen field. 

As a true OPM pride, Christian is now attempting to reach a wider scope of Asia with his newest international album entitled OUTBOUND under Universal Records. He has a new sound on this album, never heard from him before, which is a result of his collaborations in song writing, arrangement and vocals with different talented Asians like Tat Tong, One Way and Baby M.

Soyami Soya Chips: Junk Foods? Healthy SOYAMI is the answer!

Eating? We all love to eat right? But not all of us consider "healthy eating".

I had been working as call center representative for almost 2 years now. And I must admit that I gained too much weight compared before when I was still studying. I am eating here, there and everywhere specially when boredom strikes... eating is my way to get over it. And due to lack of time for physical activities, I am really having trouble in controlling my weight. More to it, I am afraid to be unhealthy as time flies.

I had been in love to junk foods, literally in love. I always bring chips to work. Of course we all know how unhealthy junk foods are. Not until I found out about AM SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS, which are made with real SOYA. As a matter of fact,SOYA itself is a true healthy source! These delicious chips are packed with high protein and calcium, with no MSG and 0% trans fat! AMazing eh?! Now, look how I love them!

Available in Original, White Cheddar and Pizza flavors (my personal favorite is white cheddar the blue one, yum!). I love eating Soyami now, with soya milk too! Haha! Now in watching movies, I have Soyami in hand instead of popcorns. At work, I have Soyami to share to my office mates and they love it too! I can eat chips now, without being worried, without the guilt...

Italian craving: Ristorante BIGOLI

Pasta? Pizza? Gelato? Let Ristorante BIGOLI satisfy your craving for ITALY.

I am honestly not a fan of Italian restaurants, but in addition to what I usually see in Eastwood City, Libis, Q.C. - here comes Ristorante Bigoli, which was introduced to me by a friend having one of the greatest Italian cuisine in the metro. So I figured that it is worth a shot to try it. 

Let's talk about the place,

Here's a view from the top, for a mansion like vibe.

The place has a classy ambiance. And there is a photo booth for everyone!

IN TIME: Live Forever or Die Trying.

(photo credit:

starring Justin Timeberlake and Amanda Seyfried 
directed by Andrew Niccol
distributed by 20th Century Fox

Ever since I saw the trailer of this movie. I don't know but I fell in love with it's concept. 

What if we live in a world where we need TIME to LIVE or DIE?