MUSIC: Araw Oras Tagpuan - Spongecola (album review)

Yael Yuzon, Erwin Armovit, Gosh Dilay and (now with) Tedmark Cruz collectively dubbed as SPONGECOLA has come a long way UP, far from being just your typical college band! After making their renowned and unwavering name in the local music industry by countless chart-topping songs for this generation like Jeepney, Bitiw,Tuliro, Puso and Di Na Mababawi, just to name a few; recently their TAMBAY EP achieved the DIAMOND record in sales! (Which is really hard to get nowadays with all these piracy and economy issues blocking our talented home grown musicians in earning that title.)

SC ain't stopping. Now they are on their 4th full-length album offering from UNIVERSAL RECORDS entitled ARAW ORAS TAGPUAN

(photo caption: my own copy of Araw Oras Tagpuan signed by Sponge Cola)

An album from one of the most well-known local band of this generation? Let's see what is my take on their new release. Here is the album's  MIGHTY-REVIEW:

- Tambay is a song that will definitely make your day. It's catchy tune will keep playing in your head on repeat. It is a good kick-off track for the album. Stargazer on the other hand has a direct detour to your heart. You will actually feel the "pain" that the song implies in a melancholic attack. Regal is my favorite track off from this record. It is more like a sweet serenade for me. Lyrically speaking, this song is nothing but brilliant. The melody is perfect and all the words used are well thought of. And did I already mentioned it's sweet? Listening to it will melt your heart away... ♥ It is now my current lullaby to sleep. Honestly. Well, watch this official music video for Regal:

Ok Dito, a fun track. Way different from regal, this gives a summer vibe on the album, with it's music and taglish lyrics, you will surely sing-along to the song... She Weeps is a song that was composed way back when band vocalist Yael was still a young boy at the age of 12. That explains why the song has this innocent but curious feel. A great raw song from well developed musicians. Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay boasts how SC creates sincere tagalog songs. No wonder that this latest single now dominates radio airwaves and was easily loved by Filipinos. Moving forward, I love how She Wants You is relaxing because of its acoustic push; and pinoy rock pleasure was given on Walang Wakas. Back to back tracks New Steel and Warning: are both collab songs and it added spice to the album. I like how Scenic View has been lyrically deep. I have a feeling that the song means more than what it seems. The 12th track Araw Oras Tagpuan is a song about destiny; totally straight forward and true.

A quick reminder after the 12th track, keep playing the CD and laugh for a Spongecola surprise. :D

The Wrap-up:

Spongecola just added a record that will surely be another gem of OPM. Consists of tracks that adds up to the band's long list of hit songs. On this album the band keeps their signature "astig" style without even trying hard to. On another note, to praise the album packaging it is "artistic" and "fun". While looking at the album package, you can actually have an impression that the boys had fun recording. As to quote the band's vocalist Yael Yuzon, he said that the album "was inspired by life" and that "they are not afraid to experiment"; those two statements are exactly what this album implies. The tracks are written in a way that each shows "distinction"... it's like... you can't compare the songs to each other! Weird right? They are different in a good way in terms of melody, lyrics and style but still every track is sure to have the Spongecola touch. This new offering is (no doubt) an album to cherish.

(mightyMAUx with Spongecola - thanks to Jeman of Orange Mag TV for taking the picture)

Quick Confession:

"I am a self proclaimed musician. Yes, I am... I can play guitars. I am in a band with no name and I have my ears ready for music. For a quick "CONFESSION"... I bought my very first guitar last 2006. Just a bit after this band named "SPONGECOLA" released their 2nd album entitled TRANSIT with BITIW as their single. That time I was, of course, frustrated to learn how to play and you know what? The first two songs I ever learned on guitars were "CRAZY FOR YOU" and "JEEPNEY" popularized by the same band. Those were the first two complete songs that I can actually play! (but not that good though) and I even thought that  both were the band's original hits... turned out I was wrong because one of the said song was a Madonna classic... (foolish me..haha)"

Here is the smashing Spongecola hit song "Jeepney" performed by the band in their acoustic jam session for their first blogger's night last Oct. 20 at Universal Records.

Araw Oras Tagpuan is out now on all leading record stores nationwide.

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