Yes, it is a PASSION and a FRUSTRATION...

define PASSION? (from
-   a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept
define FRUSTRATION? (from
-  a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs

-my PASSION and FRUSTRATION rolled in one!

I remembered a time in my life when my mom asked me on what course will I take on college, in a snap, I answered PHOTOGRAPHY... my mom laughed and said "PANG MAYAMAN LANG YON" (its only for the "rich kids")

That day marked the start of my frustration in photography...I seriously started to think that I can never be a photographer at all...and that frustration started to fade away when I started to go to college and eventually work...

Up until I met this WORLD-CLASS MISMO PHOTOGRAPHER... hahaha! No, seriously.. I am actually dragged into the world of photography AGAIN by this enthusiast.. and he is not just some random person I knew or became friends with.. HE IS MY GREATEST INFLUENCE... HE IS THE PERSON I LOOK UP TO... I RESPECT AND SUPPORT HIM ALL THE WAY...

and for the record, PASSION now added to the frustration... now I have this goal, to get this little cutie right here: (as soon as possible)
CANON EOS 11OOD (T3) is an entry level DSLR that got my attention badly...a canon in RED color!(yeah, that matters to me! hahah) This little baby got me the first time because the features are great for an entry level, and (the most important thing I consider) the price is not that much!

Ever since I saw this canon model, I said to myself that it is not that impossible IF I WANT TO.. I just needed a little bit of "push" and i will get it SOON! (I hope..haha)

GOAL: CANON 1100D by the end of 2011 (fingers-crossed)


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