The World's Yummiest Drinks!

(photo credit: Happy Lemon Philippines Facebook Fanpage)

Originally from Hongkong, Happy Lemon was brought to PH as a franchise, for the growing milk tea industry to be introduced to Filipinos.

And since there is a branch at Eastwood Mall which is quite accessible, I figured these STRANGE DRINKS are worth a try...

I will confess on this blogpost that i literally FELL IN LOVE with HAPPY LEMON...It became my comfort drink ever since the first time I tried one...I usually go grab a drink to reward myself, if there's something to celebrate or even just to normally take a break... I know there are others like Serenitea and Bubbletea which offers almost the same feature...but for me, HAPPY LEMON still keeps me happy...


Happy Lemon is tagged as "The World's Yummiest Drink" 
but as this picture leaked:

Is it still YUMMY? or YUCKY?

This picture created a buzz on all Happy Lemon drinkers and I am shocked to see this photo on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. This gave me an instant "YUCK" reaction! Of course, who would want a swimming cockroach on his/her comfort,yummy and favorite drink right? For me as a consumer, this photo is alarming. 

And here is a public statement from HAPPY LEMON PHILIPPINES on facebook:

To our valued customers:

Our stores have always followed the safety, cleanliness and quality standards set by the brand’s international operator, and our ingredients are sourced from approved suppliers that adhere to the same strict standards. 

In response to the recent claim that questions these procedures, we strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without knowing the condition in which the said drink was kept. As the drink had already been out of the store for several hours, the connection between the incident and the branch where the drink originated cannot be thoroughly substantiated. 

Happy Lemon works hard to ensure the well-being of our customers, and we give you our utmost assurance that we have and will continue to consistently strive to exceed the brand’s global standards. We happily remain at your service.

Charles Chua
Vice President
Happy Lemon Philippines

Happy Lemon will still be my HAPPY DRINK. We cannot put aside the fact that this can also be a black propaganda just to put down this growing successful business, who knows? Right?

As a happy lemon lover, here are some of my captured happy lemon time:

If you will ask me if I will still drink Happy Lemon, I WILL. If you will ask me what is my favorite HL drink I'll say: "COCOA with ROCK SALT and CHEESE is ♥" and dont forget your add-ons! :)

(photo credit: Happy Lemon Philippines Facebook Fanpage)


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