Friday, June 1, 2012

Binggrae: MELONA Korean Ice Cream Sandwhich and Popsicles

I have heard a lot of Pinoys are now enjoying a taste of Korea not just on Kimchis but also on ICE CREAMS!
So I searched about this famous Melona K-Pop (Korea Popsicles) and found out that it is from Binggrae. They brought the Korean ice cream goodness here in the Philippines! Now, I think we will be hooked, not on  koreanovelas but also on Korean ice creams!

I badly wanted to try out this Melona ice cream because everyone is saying only good things about it, but I didn't have any luck in finding one.. I don't know where to get it! Until one day when I was with my office mates as we are headed to a team GA, I finally found the answer to my curiosity:

Masan (Korean and Japanese) Grocery in Farmer's Market Cubao...

I didn't had the chance to buy one and taste it that time since we were off to somewhere. But I am happy that I was able to find a Korean store somewhere near!

And FINALLY! I was able to try eating Korean ice cream just yesterday!

I bought 2 ice waffles or ice cream sandwhich (strawberry and red bean flavors) at Php 50/pc and 2 K-POPs (classic melona kid stick and mango apple flavor) at Php 25/pc.

The KPops are fruity and refreshing, just perfect for summer! But I noticed that it melts too fast, so you need to consume it immediately. It is really yummy and different!

The Ice Waffle is so cute! Shaped like a fish, a delightful vanilla ice cream with flavor filling sandwiched! I love the red bean flavor because it is so weird but so good! :) 

MY KOREAN ICE CREAM EXPERIENCE was fun! I felt like a kid! Seriously! I am craving for mooooore! Go and try them! You'll definitely love them too.

For more info you can check out Binggrae Philippines Facebook Page

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